Kids Classes

These 90 minute classes will begin with fun exercises: drills, relay races, weight lifting, games and more.
Good times and lots of activity will be followed by a cool down of yoga and rotating art activities: painting, clay, theater, dance and other surprises that will keep your kid discovering the artist within!

For ages

4 – 7

Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:30 pm


$15 Drop-In


$60 for 5 weeks PIF

Please bring a water bottlesneakers to class. Snacks provided.


 Classes will be taught by Anna Blash, a teacher with ten years of classroom experience, who inspires kids to be creative and think outside the box.


Classes are limited to 10 kids per class.
Sign up today by coming into New England Fitness or pay by phone

For teacher resumes and more information email: